Getting the Most
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Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Business You’ve Nurtured for Years is available now!

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Practical steps to sell your small business for the best price!

There are many reasons entrepreneurs may want to sell their companies. You could be looking for the next opportunity, or you may need to sell for personal reasons. Perhaps you’ve worked long and hard and are ready to retire. Whatever your reason for selling, do you know how to go about it?

If you own a $10+ million business, it’s often easy to go to an investment banker or a private equity firm. But for those owners who’ve spent their lives building a small business, this is like selling your child. Enter Jessica Fialkovich, who has been teaching entrepreneurs how to prepare to sell their “baby” for over a decade. After founding, growing, and selling her own multimillion-dollar baby, she decided to help other entrepreneurs on the same path. Today, in addition to her advisory business, she leads one of the most successful step-by-step courses on how to prepare and sell companies. In Getting the Most for Selling Your Business, Fialkovich teams up with Anne Mary Ciminelli, coauthor of 12 Lessons in Business Leadership, to expand upon that course, laying out the fundamentals of when to sell, how to find buyers, mitigating risk, and managing the financials. Also included is The List of Tens section, with guides such as the Top 10 Actions to Increase the Value of Your Business and the 10 Most Common Mistakes When Selling Your Business. This book is the perfect manual for business owners who are thinking about selling their baby but know they need guidance from experts.

Praise for Getting the Most for Selling Your Business

“The end goal for every business owner is to build something you could sell, whether you want to today or in the future. As Jessica points out, a successful business sale is never possible until the entrepreneur gets out of the daily grind — along with every other step she describes in this indispensable book.”

Chris Ronzio
Founder and CEO, Trainual; author of The Business Playbook: How to Document and Delegate What you Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You

“There’s a huge difference between playing a game as an amateur and playing in the NFL. This book explains how to sell your business like a pro. Jessica is the teammate you need as you exit your company, helping you keep your eye on the trophy.”

Reggie Rivers
President, Corporate Kickoff; Former NFL player

“Successful entrepreneurs must know as much about selling a company as they do about building one. This book is foundational, and one we will use regularly in our programs.”

Brian Brault
Co-Chair, Entrepreneurial Masters Program; Transformational leadership trainer; Chairperson of the Global Board of Directors 2017-28; Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)

“Finally, the Bible is here for every entrepreneur looking to sell their business. Have faith, folks — this is the real deal!”

Randy Bring
Chairperson 2022, International Business Brokers Association; Partner, Transworld Business Advisors

“Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and effort on growth and scale. To what end? When they are ready to sell, they need this book to capture all the value they have created.”

Daniel Marcos
CEO, Growth Insitute

“Entrepreneurs spend incredible time and energy growing their companies. The key is reaping the benefits from all that effort. This book lights the way and is a must-have for every EO member.”

David Anderson
Founder and CEO, Off Madison Ave; Chairperson of the 2021/22 Global Board of Directors, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

“Like anything else, peak performance for selling a business requires process and discipline. All you should know can be found in these pages.”

Brent Gleeson
Founder and CEO, TakingPoint Leadership, bestselling author of Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life; formed Navy SEAL

“A franchise is great at teaching entrepreneurs how to build and grow your own business. But when it’s time to sell, Jessica is the one who will take. you to the finish line. You need this book.”

Ray Titus
CEO, United Franchise Group

“Every business sale is a series of complex negotiations and emotions. Jessica Fialkovich breaks it down into fundamental steps to help you maximize value and prepare for your inevitable exit. Any seller without this book is at a distinct disadvantage.”

Bob House
President, Bizbuysell

“There’s a reason why Jessica and her team have been Transworld Business Advisors’ #1 for so long, and their customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof. They know what it takes to sell a business and get you top dollar. All the secrets are in this book.”

Andrew Cagnetta
CEO, Transworld Business Advisors; host, The Deal Board podcast; author of Closing the Deal

“You cannot successfully sell a company without knowledge and discipline. Many business owners are confused, naive, and unrealistic about selling their business, and don’t appreciate the complexity of the process. This book will help you avoid incredibly costly and painful mistakes. Jessica makes it awesomely simple! For anyone even contemplating selling their company, this book is literally a must-read.”

John Spence
Global Business and Leadership Development expert; award-winning CEO; author of Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action

“Stephen Covey said it best: ‘Begin with the end in mind.’ Jessica Fialkovich, leveraging her real-world experience as an entrepreneur having built and sold her own businesses, provides the exit playbook for success. Get more money for your business, executed in the most efficient process, just as she has helped hundreds of business owners!”

Jack Daly
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Coach, Bestselling author of The Sale Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth

“I’ve seen firsthand how Jessica’s expertise and experience are instrumental in helping entrepreneurs navigate selling their business. Her calm, objective approach to a very emotional process is key to a successful exit. If I’d had Jessica’s book when I sold Camp Bow Wow in 2010, I would have saved myself time and stress, and likely would have achieved an all-around better deal.”

Heidi Ganahl
Founder, Camp Bow Wow

“If you’re going to scale up, you should also know how to step out. if the exit price is under $25 million, this book has all the right tools.”

Verne Harnish
Founder, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

About the Author

Jessica Fialkovich is an exit expert, keynote speaker, small business advocate, and award‑winning business owner. The founder of Exit Factor, she is also the co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors in Colorado, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Las Vegas. Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart and successfully built and sold two startups, along with her husband and business partner, Al. Their business brokerage offices have been recognized by the premier industry associations as the team that completes the most sales of businesses annually. She holds active board positions for entrepreneurial groups including Entrepreneurs’ Organization. She resides in Dallas, Texas, and Littleton, Colorado.