Getting the Most For Selling Your Business

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Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Business You’ve Nurtured for Years is available now!

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Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Business You’ve Nurtured for Years

A Valuable Resource for Business Brokers

As a business broker, you want to do everything you can to help your customers get the most out of selling their business. Our book, Getting the Most for Selling Your Business, is about how to prepare a business for sale, and is a valuable resource to helping your clients get the best possible price for their business, giving you a higher commission.

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Practical steps to sell your small business for the best price!

There are many reasons entrepreneurs may want to sell their company. You could be looking for the next opportunity, or you may need to sell for personal reasons. Perhaps you’ve worked long and hard and are ready to retire. Whatever your reason for selling, do you know how to go about it? 

If you own a $10+ million business, it’s often easy to go to an investment banker or a private equity firm. But for those owners who’ve spent their lives building a small business, this is like selling your child. Enter Jessica Fialkovich, who has been teaching entrepreneurs how to prep and sell their “baby” for over a decade. After founding, growing, and selling her own multimillion-dollar baby, she decided to help other entrepreneurs on the same path. Today, in addition to her advisory business, she leads one of the most successful step-by-step courses on how to prep and sell companies. In Getting the Most for Selling Your Business, Fialkovich teams up with Anne Mary Ciminelli, coauthor of 12 Lessons in Business Leadership, to expand upon that course, laying out the fundamentals of when to sell, how to find buyers, mitigating risk, and managing the financials. Also included is The List of Tens section, with guides such as the Top 10 Actions to Increase the Value of Your Business and the 10 Most Common Mistakes When Selling Your Business. This book is the perfect manual for business owners who are thinking about selling their baby but know they need guidance from experts.

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About the Author

Jessica Fialkovich is an exit expert, keynote speaker, small business advocate, and award‑winning business owner. The founder of Exit Factor, she is also the co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors in Colorado, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Las Vegas. Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart and successfully built and sold two startups, along with her husband and business partner, Al. Their business brokerage offices have been recognized by the premier industry associations as the team that completes the most sales of businesses annually. She holds active board positions for entrepreneurial groups including Entrepreneurs’ Organization. She resides in Dallas, Texas, and Littleton, Colorado.

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