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Exit Factor provides education for business owners on how to buy, build and sell businesses. Each course is designed with data and knowledge we have compiled in assisting 500 entrepreneurs buy and sell their companies over the last seven years. 

As business owners ourselves, we know how busy your lives already are. So we have broken each program into digestible, bite-size lessons averaging just 15 minutes that you can work through in front of your computer, on the drive to work, or reading at night before bed.

Our most successful clients have solved major issues in their businesses by carving out just a few hours of week to dedicate to this course work, some have even increased the value of their business 80%!


Prep to Sell

  • Learn how to increase the value of your business and the likelihood it will sell
  • Eliminate deal killers
  • Learn how businesses are valued and where the hidden value is in your company
  • Hire a rockstar deal team and prepare for market
  • Ongoing registrations, enroll today!

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How to Buy a Business

  • Designed for first time and new business buyers
  • Learn how the market works
  • How are businesses valued
  • Where to find the best deals, and…
  • How to land them
  • What financing options are available
  • Next class begins September 14th, enroll today!

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Grow Through Acquistion

  • For established businesses looking to grow
  • Find acquisition opportunities in your company
  • Learn how to find, value, and finance transactions
  • Launching Winter 2022

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