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Applications are evaluated based on business goals. To qualify for the group, you must be a business owner looking to grow the valuation or profitability of your company. This is an exclusive, solicitation-free community!

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Through the program, you have access to

34 Online Learning Modules that cover all of the secrets you need to get your business sold
Exclusive resources + community of like-minded business owners that are looking to sell (solicitation free!)
Monthly expert-led accountability calls focused on one Prep to Sell topic
Quarterly guest speakers that can help implement other areas of the program
Custom valuation of your business and plan to reach your goal sale price

Important Dates and Times

Start Date
You may access the course anytime after you complete registration
Meeting Dates
You will be placed into a monthly meeting session that best fits your time zone.
Group Meetings
Group meetings are held at a time that works for all US time zones.
Recorded Meetings
Each meeting is recorded and available afterwards for review.
Additional speaker dates will be sent to participants.

Why should you enroll in Prep to Sell?

Take Control of your Exit

There is no secret ‘exit’ formula that sets apart those who can sell their business and those who can’t. But there are proven strategies and tactics every business owner should know.

Like-Minded Community

A Private community of business owners like yourself that are embarking on the same journey. Because of our application process, we can also ensure a confidential and no-sales environment.

Expert Guides

Our experts have overseen and sold hundreds of businesses in multiple industries. They not only provide insider knowledge of the business sale market, but also hold you accountable to your goals.

Become part of the ELITE 13

87% of business owners are unable to sell their companies, but that does not have to be you. Just by joining this program, you increase your odds of becoming part of the elite group that is able to successfully sell.

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