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This application gives us some basic info about your business and see if we are a fit to work together.

Applications are evaluated based on business goals. To qualify for the group, you must be a business owner looking to grow the valuation or profitability of your company. All information on this application and in the program will be held confidential. We also have a strict policy of non-solicitation amongst members in our programs.

Fill Out The Questionnaire

Through the program, you have access to

34 Online Learning Modules that cover all of the secrets you need to maximize the profit and value of your business ($5,000 value)
Exclusive resources + community of like-minded business owners ($1,200 value)
Monthly expert-led group mastermind sessions ($5,000 value)
Monthly webinars led by top industry experts ($1,200 value)
Pre-vetted partners, resources and discounts to grow your business ($3,500 value)
Two 1:1 Strategic Planning Sessions For Your Business ($2,000 value)
Personalized Exit Assessment once per year to assess the value and potential of your business ($2,500 value)

Important Dates and Times

Start Date
You may access the course anytime after you complete registration
Meeting Dates
You will be placed into a monthly meeting session that best fits your time zone.
Group Meetings
Group meetings are held at a time that works for all US time zones.
Recorded Meetings
Each meeting is recorded and available afterwards for review.
Additional speaker dates will be sent to participants.

Total Value $20,400

Membership Price: $5,000/year OR $500/month

Why should you enroll in EF Mastermind?

Take Control of Your Business

Why wait for an exit to maximize the amount of freedom and money your business generates? Unlock your business’s potential today for YOU to enjoy and position it to be salable in the future. The EF process is a proven methodology based on real industry statistics, over 500 business sales, and thousands of buyers’ feedback.

Time, Profit, + Value

Our members are focused on increasing the efficiency, profitable and exit value of their companies to give them the two things they desire most as business owners: money and freedom. They have taken the Exit Factor pledge and believe in running their business like they are going to sell it, everyday not just in the exit process. On average, our members earn back $2,700 in exit value for every hour they spend in the program.

Expert Guides

Our experts have overseen and sold hundreds of businesses in multiple industries. They not only provide insider knowledge of the business sale market, but also know have the resources and partners to maximize profit and efficiency in any business.

Become part of the ELITE 13

87% of business owners are unable to sell their companies, but that does not have to be you. Whether you want to sell your business now, plan to in the future, or believe it will continue for generations to come: just by joining this program, you design a business that is desirable for sale no matter what the future holds. And, should you decide to keep it…well the only thing that happens is the business delivers more profit and time to you, what’s the downside?!

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What’s Next?

After you complete your application, a member of the Exit Factor team will reach out to welcome you if you are accepted. After that you will have your onboarding call and kick off your assessment.

Applications will not be processed that have not completed the payment form (click submit and purchase the program). The cost of the program is $5,000/year or $500/month. 

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