Preferred Broker Information

Thank you for your participation in our Affiliate and Preferred Broker program. The information we collect below is used to promote your office through our website and member areas and refer your business to our members who decide to sell. Please complete it in full, and reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

When completing, you need to choose between an exclusive and non-exclusive partnership. An exclusive partnership means no other business brokers will be in our preferred broker network or can offer Exit Factor services in your area (based on city, state, not franchise territory – use the market sheet below). The expectations of our exclusive partners are below. If you decide to be a non-exclusive partner, we still have a cap on the number of offices we work with in each area as defined by the market sheet.

Market Sheet: service areas, max number of offices, and minimum referrals for exclusive partners

Exclusive Partner Expectations

As an exclusive partner, we expect that…

  1. You have a minimum of three total active agents in your office.
  2. All agents in your office are registered as Exit Factor affiliate members and preferred brokers.
  3. All agents complete onboarding and initial training for Exit Factor.
  4. Your office participants in ongoing training and update sessions offered monthly.
  5. Your office meets the minimum referral expectations on an annual basis. The first year will be on scout’s honor, and subsequent years will be based on the previous year’s history.
  6. You can have multiple exclusive markets, but all conditions above must be fulfilled for each market.
  7. Your selected exclusive market must be within your business location and/or franchise territory.