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Increase the Value of Your Business Before You Go to Market

Are you thinking of selling your business in the next five years or less? What if you knew you how to increase both the likelihood that your business will sell and increase the price that it sells for? The key to getting the maximum value for your company is not just in how you start it, but also the approach and mindset you take when selling.

Although thousands of businesses are started every year, only 87% of all businesses end up being sold. The rest? Instead of the successful sold sign, they settle for the going out of business sign in the window. At Exit Factor we teach you how to sell your company and get the maximum value for it, so you can become part of the ELITE 13% of business owners that have a successful sale.

Anyone Can Sell A Business

Selling a business is not just for large companies. Our typical clients generate between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in annual revenue – although we’ve worked with smaller and larger firms as well.

We understand the anxiety preparing to sell your business. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve bought and sold multiple companies plus built one of the most successful business brokerage firms in the country. We’ve represented over 500 businesses for sale and put $350+ million back into business owners’ pockets just like you, and the average business owner that works with us increases their business value by 40% over 12 months. When it comes to starting and building your business, you had all the expertise. But now, that it is time to prepare your business for sale it’s time to trust the experts.

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Exit Factor Membership

Our Exit Factor Membership program provides you access to expert information from the top advisors in the industry to help you understand the market and position your company to sell for the maximum amount.

As a member, you’ll get access to Private Monthly Webinars hosted by the top business exit advisors in the country. Past topics have included:

  • How to reduce the tax liability of your sale
  • The legal risks of selling your business and how to avoid them
  • Five ways to update your marketing to increase your business value in 30 days or less

Here are a few additional perks of the Exit Factor membership

  • List of resources and pre-vetted advisors to work with (including discounts and deals)
  • Access to members only community with expert led conversation and experience sharing
  • Absolutely no solicitation amongst members ever

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Prep to Sell Program

Let our experts guide you through every step of the process to ensure your Exit Factor success! This program is designed to maximize the value of your business in 12-24 months. It is ideal for business owners that have at least 1 year before selling and the ability to dedicate 1 hour / week to the process. Our Prep to Sell members get all of the perks of our Exit Factor membership, plus:

  • 34 Online Learning Modules that cover all of the secrets you need to get your business sold
  • Exclusive resources, partners and discounts
  • A community of like-minded business owners that are also looking to sell
  • Monthly expert-led accountability calls focused on one Prep to Sell topic
  • Quarterly guest speakers that can help implement other areas of the program
  • Two custom valuations of your business and a plan to reach your goal sale price ($5000 value)

Apply for the Exit Factor Flagship Program

1:1 Dedicated Consultant

Work better with a dedicated consultant? This program gives you access to our online learning platform and all of its features, but you are also matched with a certified Exit Factor consultant for a customized experience. Each consultant will meet with you monthly to help identify and execute specific value drivers in YOUR business as well as prepare an updated valuation each quarter.

This program includes all of the benefits of our flagship Prep to Sell program with a dedicated consultant working with you on a monthly basis. This is an ideal option for companies that want a maximum impact on their valuation, have at least 2-5 hours per week to spend on the process, and a minimum budget of $25,000 annually.

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How to Prepare Your Business For Sale and Gain the Maximum Amount Possible

Are you planning on selling your business? Would you want to achieve the highest possible sale price? The EXIT FACTOR SUMMIT brings together top M&A experts to give you the rules to the road of how to sell a small business in today’s market place.

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Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Business You’ve Nurtured for Years
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