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What if you ran your business everyday like you were selling it? What results do you think you could achieve? Ultimately designing a business for sale maximizes two things for an owner: money and freedom. And who does not want more of that? At Exit Factor, we believe that every business owner should treat their company like the valuable asset it is by maximizing the profit, efficiency and exit value from day one. 

Although thousands of businesses are started every year, only 87% of all businesses end up being sold. The rest? Instead of the successful sold sign, they settle for the going out of business sign in the window. At Exit Factor we teach you how to design a company that is profitable, not reliant on your and desirable for exit — should you choose — in the future. Our members are dedicated to becoming part of the ELITE 13% of business owners that have a valuable and sellable business. Many people have told us they wish they started this process sooner, not a single one has regretted it. So why wait?

Anyone Can Build a Sellable Business

Selling a business is not just for large companies. Our typical clients generate between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in annual revenue – although we’ve worked with smaller and larger firms as well.

We understand the hesitations you may have: you may not be ready, you may not have the time, or you might not be sure you even want to sell in the future! The truth is working on building business value is the most rewarding activity you can do as an owner. On average, our members gain $2,700 in business value for every hour they spend in our programs. Talk about ROI! The time to start is now, not when you are already in the ‘exit process.’ That is often too late to affect real change in your business. Our most successful clients start dedicating time to this process..2, 5, even 10 years before they plan on exiting; even if they plan to at all. What they find is even if they are not currently in the sale process, they are gaining money and freedom to do the things they love so they can enjoy the business NOW not just at some exit point in the future.


Work With Us

Exit Factor (EF) Master Program

Our EF Master Program members are focused on increasing the efficiency, profitability, and exit value of their companies to give them the two things they desire most as business owners: money and freedom. They have taken the Exit Factor pledge and believe in running their business like they are going to sell it, everyday not just in the exit process. On average, our members earn back $2,700 in exit value for every hour they spend in the program. Each participant is matched with a certified consultant will meet with you quarterly to guide you along your customized path to identify and execute specific value drivers in YOUR business.


Whether you want to sell your business now, plan to sell it in the future, or believe that it will stay in the hands of future generations to come; our Master Program members believe in running a business like they are going to sell it from day one. This program begins with an Exit Assessment and combines the best of 1:1 consulting with a customized path of our online learning materials to deliver our memberships a minimum ROI of 10x their investment.

  • Personalized Exit Assessment once per year to assess the value and potential of your business ($2,500 value)
  • Quarterly 1:1 meetings (90 minutes) with a dedicated certified Exit Factor consultant to execute your best path to value ($5,000 value)
  • Customized path through our online learning curriculum to maximize your consultant sessions and plan ($5,000 value)
  • Monthly group Q+A sessions with our Founder ($2,500 value)
  • Monthly webinars led by top industry experts ($1,200 value)
  • Exclusive resources + community of like-minded business owners ($1,200 value)
  • Pre-vetted partners, resources and discounts to grow your business ($3,000 value)
  • Total Value: $20,400; Membership Access: $5,000/year OR $500/month

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EF Master Program Intensive: BiWeekly 1:1 Sessions

Want to fast track the program and spend more time with your consultant? This intensive gives you access to our EF Master Program and all of its features, but amplifies the impact with biweekly 1:1 sessions with your dedicated consultant. 

This is an ideal option for companies that want a maximum impact on their valuation, have at least 2-5 hours per week to spend on the process, and a minimum budget of $2,500 per month (1 year commitment).

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EF Exit Assessment

Our customized exit assessment combines the data of a business valuation with a proprietary methodology of assessing the potential of your business in the areas of efficiency, profitability and exit value.  This typically solves entrepreneurs concerns about: what your business is worth, how to maximize its value today, and if it is sellable in the future.

Each custom assessment can be completed in two weeks and includes:

  • Multi-method business valuation including comparable sales data in your industry
  • Goal setting and identification of metrics needed to hit profitability and exit value goals
  • Identification of top value and profit drivers in your business
  • Access to our introductory program: Business Valuation process and impacts
  • $2,499 or FREE with EF Mastermind

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EF Elumni

Graduates of EF Mastermind have the ability to continue their education through our Elumni program. This program allows you continous access to all of the EF resources, learning and expert top advisors without the group mastermind calls and 1:1 consulting services. Elumni must be approved and have completed at least one full year of the Mastermind program.

As an Elumni, you’ll get continued access to our Private Monthly Webinars hosted by the top business exit advisors in the country. Past topics have included:

  • How to reduce the tax liability of your sale
  • The legal risks of selling your business and how to avoid them
  • Five ways to update your marketing to increase your business value in 30 days or less

Here are a few additional perks:

  • Continued access to the Mastermind curriculum
  • List of resources and pre-vetted advisors to work with (including discounts and deals)
  • Access to members only community with expert led conversation and experience sharing
  • Reduced rates for EF Exit Assessments and 1:1 Consulting sessions
  • $49/month (cancel anytime)

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Why Us?

As entrepreneurs themselves, our Founder has bought and sold multiple multi-million dollar enterprises including #1 business brokerage firm in the country. She has overseen 500+ businesses for sale and put $350+ million back into business owners’ pockets just like you! The average business owner that works with us increases their business value by 40% over 12 months and has a 100% success rate compared to the industry average of 13%. When it comes to starting and building your business, you had all the expertise. But now, for the ultimate exit roadmap…it’s time to trust the experts.

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