What is Your Exit Factor?

What Exactly is a Business Valuation? Do I really need it?


What is the potential of your business? At Exit Factor, that is what we seek to answer. Our customized exit assessment combines the data of a business valuation with a proprietary methodology of assessing the potential of your business in the areas of efficiency, profitability and exit value. This typically solves entrepreneurs concerns about: what your business is worth, how to maximize its value today, and if it is sellable in the future.


Do you wonder, how much is my business worth and if it is sellable in the future?

Are you curious about how you can accelerate your business’s value, profitability and efficiency?

Do you have plans to sell your business in the future to a third-party, employees or even the next generation?

Do you want to get the maximum money and freedom today and not wait for a sale to make that happen?

What We Can Help You With

Business Valuation

Exit Strategy & Planning


Goal Setting

Business Optimization

Beyond Valuation: Maximize Your Business


Is you are looking not to understand the value of your business and how to maximize it’s potential, our Exit Assessment will provide the roadmap. But having a map does not always mean you will reach your destination. Our Exit Factor Mastermind is a peer-learning environment that provides accountability, resources and learning from top exit industry experts to help you achieve your goals. Build a business that is efficient and profitable, providing your the money and freedom you crave now and which is desirable for sale in the future (should you choose!)

Frequently asked questions

What is a business valuation?

A business valuation is an analysis of current company operations to predict what the business would sell for on the open market.

How do i know if this assessment is right for me?

All business owners need a basic understanding of what your business is worth. An Exit Assessment gives you a starting point and insight into the potential profit, efficiency and exit value in the future. Knowing this from day one, opens up your possibilites for the time, money and freedom your business could be providing.

Do you only work with established companies?

Our valuations are designed for operating companies only, we use current and past financial history — not projections — to perform our valuations.

Do you offer ongoing consulting services?

Our Exit Factor Mastermind is a great step for owners that want to work on increasing their business value. Our program includes two business valuations per year.

How much does it cost?

We know business owners do not have unlimited budgets. And so, we have been able to keep our services at a fraction of the rate you would expect from the normal business valuation and appraisal companies. Our assessments have a one-time fee of $2,499 and can be completed within two weeks.

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