Everyone will teach you how to start a company.
But only Exit Factor will teach you how to build and sell one.

Why Exit Factor?

At Exit Factor, we believe that every entrepreneur should get the maximum value of their company no matter the size. We specialize in working with small-mid sized companies on preparing your business for sale increasing not only the value of the business but also the likelihood that it will sell. Many courses, programs and schools will teach you how to start a business or even how to grow it, but how about how to sell it? Everyone will exit their business in some way, either feet on the ground or feet first (as they say). Why not be prepared and get the maximum value possible?

Who We Help

Business Owners

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur and want to sell your business for maximum profit? Everyone will exit their business in one way or another, let us show you how to be prepared and get the most value for your company.

Business Owners


Are you a professional Advisor looking to provide additional value to your current customers? At Exit Factor our actions increase value to the business sale community. Learn more about how Exit Factor can support you.

Professional Advisors

Strategic & Franchise Partners

We work with entrepreneurial and franchise groups to offer programming and coaching to your members to help them increase the value of their business and likelihood that the business will sell.

Strategic & Franchise Partners

What Our Customers Say About Us

Leading Experts

Exit Factor was developed by two of the leading experts in the business brokerage industry after years of research, thousands of buyer interviews, and hundreds of millions in closed transactions. What has resulted is a simple way you can learn how to build and sell your business and create wealth for you and your loved ones. At Exit Factor, we believe in small business and believe that selling your business is not just limited to large, corporate companies. Our courses are designed for businesses between $500,000 and $5 million in annual revenue and focus on:

How to Sell a Business

Growing the Value of Your Business

Avoiding Deal Killers

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