Everyone will teach you how to start a company.

But only we will teach you how to build and sell one.

Business Succession Planning for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

With Exit Factor, you can plan ahead to ensure the highest possible exit value for your business. Our exit strategy consulting services are designed to help you maximize the profit, efficiency, and value of your company over time. Whether you have immediate exit plans or are looking at selling in the future, we educate and equip you with exit planning that meets the highest standards. Use our exit plan consulting services to develop a tailored exit plan that safeguards the long-term value of a business now and in the future. Invest in your future with Exit Factor – let us show you how to sell a business confidently and securely!

Our exit planning and exit strategy services have been incredibly successful, providing our clients with astonishing results in their first year. Not only have they seen a remarkable 25% increase in profit and doubled their free time, but those who have chosen to sell achieved a 100% success rate with a 56.7% increase in the value of their businesses. We are extremely proud of our results and believe that this speaks for itself – entrusting us with the sale of your business will get you the maximum return on your exit plan.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients from hundreds of industries, from small businesses to middle market. No matter your situation, Exit Factor provides a roadmap to:

  • Dramatically increase your profit with our step-by-step process and unique tools
  • Get your free time back while we work on increasing the value of your business
  • Increase potential exit value and ensure future sale success with our valuable program
  • Receive expert guidance and support from experienced professionals

Expert Guidance from Industry Leaders

Like a spinning tornado, Exit Factor teaches business owners how to gain upward speed, power, and momentum to make their company more profitable.

Exit Factor was created by a team of leading experts in the business brokerage and M&A industries. These industry titans drew upon more than a decade’s worth of research, hundreds of thousands of buyer interviews, and stacks of closed transactions worth hundreds of millions to develop an exit plan strategy focused on identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for growth and financial gain. Our results-oriented exit plan serves to help position an entrepreneur or business owner to exit on their own terms while also driving up the value of the business when it comes time to sell.

Our clients are the beating heart of the US economy: contractors, retail, service, and professional SMBs. If you’re searching for a business consultant near me, look no further! While we work with businesses of any size and within virtually every industry, our small business consulting services are designed for businesses between $250K and $10M in annual revenue. Our goal is to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the same resources and strategies that large corporate companies use to create desirable businesses.

Exit Factor provides:

  • Business valuation services (we call them Exit Assessments)
  • DIY Exit strategy plans for very small businesses
  • Customized exit consulting for small to very large businesses

To learn more about Exit Factor programs click here, or read our founding story here.

Overview of the Exit Factor Program

Options to Suit Your Size and Stage

Exit Factor features a variety of proprietary programs to maximize your money and freedom. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Our business consulting firm programs are designed to teach you how to treat your company like the valuable asset it is – by maximizing profit, efficiency, and value – from day one. We’ll help you learn how to construct your company to be profitable regardless of your current or future presence. Many business strategy consulting clients have told us they wish they had started the process sooner: why wait?

Exit Assessments

If you just want to understand your value.


For very small businesses ready to exit now.


For small to large businesses wanting to increase value.


For mid to large businesses wanting to 2-10x the value of their company.

Our Process


Fill out our simple initial assessment form.


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Feature Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Company

At Exit Factor, our goal is to get every entrepreneur the maximum value of their company. No matter the size, we’ll prepare your business for sale by boosting the value of the company and the likelihood that it’ll sell. Courses and school can teach you how to start or grow your business, but we’re here to teach you how to sell it.

“Taking The Exit Factor Program is the best decision I’ve made in the 9-year history of my business. Here’s a quick analogy: When my son was taking Driver’s Ed, the instructors kept telling him to raise his eyes to look farther down the road. He was looking at the instrument cluster, and at the ground just a few feet in front of the car. I realized that as a business owner, I was doing the same thing! I was so fixated on the dashboard and the path immediately in front of us, that I was missing the big picture, the long view, the road signs that could guide me to success etc. The Exit Factor Program has completely changed the way that I think about my business, making this year the most profitable year we’ve ever had.”

Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur – Record Profitability; Now Buying OTHER Businesses to Scale to Larger Exit!

“I started The Exit Factor Program about two months ago and have learned several key take-aways from each of our monthly calls and the video lessons. Jessica and her team have done a great job developing the course and creating content that is specifically relevant to me as a business owner. This is my third company and I wish I had taken this course prior to selling my first two!”

Serial Entrepreneur – Increase Profitability and Size; Scaling to a Future Exit

“I wanted to let you know how much we’re enjoying The Exit Factor Program! It is really keeping us more accountable to get the tasks done that will be necessary to sell our business. Without the course, we would probably not be making any progress right now because we are so busy with the business.”

Husband and Wife Team – Increased Profits, Reduced Involvement; Continue to Run the Business

“Our participation in The Exit Factor Program helped change the direction and focus of our business. EF’s analysis validated many of our business processes and confirmed we were doing a lot of things right. Their recommendations provided a clear roadmap of areas where we could improve, which would result in added value to the business. These recommendations were implemented in a short time period with great success. I would highly recommend The Exit Factor Program to any business owner who wants to get their business ready for sale.”

Medical Device Client – Increased business value 83% in 18 months; Sold

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